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Trey Downes is a seeker of truth and the host of a captivating podcast, "Your Superior Self", that delves into the exploration of human consciousness. While silently pursuing his career, Trey experienced a profound awakening, an irresistible urge to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence.  Trey became conscious of a burning desire for more—a realization possibly stemming from the depths of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  Having climbed Maslow's metaphorical pyramid and reached what was expected to be self-actualization, Trey found himself instead faced with a multitude of questions. Is this all there is? Why are we here? Who am I? This turning point ignited his relentless quest to unravel the fundamentals of our reality.

With an open mind and a heart guided by curiosity, Trey fearlessly explores human consciousness from every angle, embracing various subjects and modalities. Rather than claiming enlightenment or self-actualization, he remains driven by an insatiable hunger to become his Superior Self—a constant evolution toward personal growth and transformation. Trey understands that this journey is not linear, but rather a curvilinear path, filled with ups and downs, where one may occasionally lose their way but always finds their footing and learns from the experiences.

For Trey, life is not measured by material possessions or accumulation, but by the depth of knowledge and wisdom acquired along the way. Join him on his podcast as he fearlessly uncovers the mysteries of existence and shares his insights, inviting listeners to embark on their own transformative journey of self-discovery. Through meaningful conversations and thought-provoking discussions, Trey Downes seeks to inspire and empower others to embrace the never-ending quest for knowledge and personal growth.

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